Name           Model Parameters          Units          Default

LEVEL Model type (1, 2, or 3) 1 L Channel length meters DEFL W Channel width meters DEFW LD Lateral diffusion length meters 0 WD Lateral diffusion width meters 0 VTO Zero-bias threshold voltage Volts 0 KP Transconductance Amps/Volts2 2E-5 GAMMA Bulk threshold parameter Volts1/2 0 PHI Surface potential Volts 0.6 LAMBDA Channel-length modulation Volts-1 0 (LEVEL = 1or 2) RD Drain ohmic resistance Ohms 0 RS Source ohmic resistance Ohms 0 RG Gate ohmic resistance Ohms 0 RB Bulk ohmic resistance Ohms 0 RDS Drain-source shunt resistance Ohms [[infinity]] RSH Drain-source diffusion sheet Ohms/square 0 resistance IS Bulk p-n saturation current Amps 1E-14 JS Bulk p-n saturation/current area Amps/meters2 0 PB Bulk p-n potential Volts 0.8 CBD Bulk-drain zero-bias p-n Farads 0 capacitance CBS Bulk-source zero-bias p-n Farads 0 capacitance CJ Bulk p-n zero-bias bottom Farads/meters2 0 capacitance/length CJSW Bulk p-n zero-bias perimeter Farads/meters 0 capacitance/length MJ Bulk p-n bottom grading 0.5 coefficient MJSW Bulk p-n sidewall grading 0.33 coefficient FC Bulk p-n forward-bias 0.5 capacitance coefficient CGSO Gate-source overlap Farads/meters 0 capacitance/channel width CGDO Gate-drain overlap Farads/meters 0 capacitance/channel width CGBO Gate-bulk overlap Farads/meters 0 capacitance/channel width NSUB Substate doping density 1/centimeter3 0 NSS Surface-state density 1/centimeter2 0 NFS Fast surface-state density 1/centimeter2 0 TOX Oxide thickness meters [[infinity]] TPG Gate material type: + 1 = + 1 opposite of substrate, - 1 = same as substrate, 0 = aluminum XJ Metallurgical junction depth meters 0 UCRIT Mobility degradation critical Volts/centimete 1E4 field (LEVEL = 2) r UEXP Mobility degradation exponent 0 (LEVEL = 2) UTRA (Not Used) mobility degradation transverse field coefficient VMAX Maximum drift velocity meters/seconds 0 NEFF Channel charge coefficient 1 (LEVEL = 2) XQC Fraction of channel charge 1 attributed to drain DELTA Width effect on threshold 0 THETA Mobility modulation (LEVEL = 3) Volts-1 0 ETA Static feedback (LEVEL = 3) 0 KAPPA Saturation field factor 0.2 (LEVEL=3) KF Flicker noise coefficient 0 AF Flicker noise exponent 1

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Created by Jan Van der Spiegel (; Oct. 16, 1995; Updated Sept. 4, 1997