SPICE Simulation of a Rectifier Circuit (diodes)

A diode is specified by using two command lines. The first line defines the diode element line and the second one is the diode model.

Element line:

The element name start with D to indicate that the element is a diode, N+ and N- are the two node numbers and MODName is the name of the model of the diode which is specified in the model line.

Model line: .

MODName is the same name as in the element line. D indidate the the model is a diode (as opposed to a transistor), and IS is the saturation current IS and N is the ideality factor.

Lets simulate the following rectifier circuit to illustrate this. The diodes have a IS=0.01pA and n=1.

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Jan Van der Spiegel;
Created Sept. 30, 1995; Updated Aug. 1, 1995