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Jan Van der Spiegel's teaching schedule

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(Lin-Ping Ang, JVdS, W. Wong, M. Zeno, D.J. Yoon, T. Alailima; and R. Tong at back)

Office Hours

Courses currently being taught

EAS299: Research Methods
ESE200: Principles of Digital Design
ESE201: Digital Design Lab
ESE206: Electric Circuits and Systems II Lab
ESE216: Electrical Circuits and Systems II
EMTM640: Microelectronics 
EE450/451: Senior Design project supervision

Courses previously taught

EE205: Electric circuits and systems I Lab
EMTM650: Emerging Technologies
EE562: Analog Integrated Circuits
EE419: Analog Solid State Circuits

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Jan Van der Spiegel; Updated May 26, 2010