Graduate Students of Professor Saleem A. Kassam

 Moore School of Electrical Engineering
University of Pennsylvania

Doctoral Dissertation Students

  1. J. G. Shin,  Nonclassical Detection Theory: Quantization, Conditional Testing and Distance Measures, (1979)
  2. M. B. DonVito,  Signal Processing in an Uncertain Environment: New Techniques for Nonparametric & Robust Detection, (1980)
  3. L. J. Cimini,  Some Results on Quantization for Filtering and Detection, (1982)
  4. C. T. Chen,  Robust and Quantized Linear Filtering for Multiple-Input Systems, (1983)
  5. Y. H. Lee,  Nonlinear Edge-Preserving Noise Suppression Techniques with Applications in Image Enhancement, (1984)
  6. S. H. Lee,  Some Topics in Nonlinear Spectrum Estimation: Resolution and Efficient Computation, (1984)
  7. I. Song,  Nonlinear Techniques for Detection and Filtering of Discrete-Time Signals, (1987)
  8. V. Weerackody,  New Algorithms and Analysis for Blind Adaptive Equalization, (1990)
  9. P. P. Gandhi,  Order Statistic and Rank Based Processors for Filtering and Detection, (1990)
  10. R. T. Hoctor,  The Coarray Approach to Aperture Synthesis for Active and Passive Imaging, (1990)
  11. R. S. Blum,  Distributed and Quantized Weak-Signal Detection, (1991)
  12. R. J. Kozick,  Signal Processing for High-Resolution Array Imaging and Adaptive Beamforming, (1992)
  13. N. Himayat,  Non-linear Order Statistics Techniques for Signal Processing, (1993)
  14. C. W. Kim,  New Results in Subband Decomposition Techniques and Multirate Filter Design, (1995)
  15. I. Cha,  Radial Basis Function Networks for Nonlinear Signal Processing, (1995)
  16. Z. Sayeed,  Adaptive Coding and Transmitter Diversity for Slow Fading Channels, (1996)
  17. K. Anandakumar,  Multiresolution Decompositions and Models for Signal Processing Applications, (1997)
  18. F. Ahmad,  Analysis and Design of Wideband Imaging Arrays Based on the Coarray, (1997)
  19. Q. Zhang,  Real-Time Video Transmission over Wireless Channels, (1998)
  20. C. D. Murphy,  Blind Equalization of Linear and Nonlinear Channels, (1999)
  21. Y. Zhang, Fractional Sampling in Blind Signal Separation for Blind Equalization, and Related Topics (2000)
  22. W. Tang, Finite-State Markov Models for Correlated Fading Channels in Wireless Communications (2001)
  23. T. Thiaupathump, New Algorithms for Blind Equalization and Blind Source Separation/Phase Recovery (2002)
  24. L. Xiang,  Robust Techniques and Application of Blind Source Separation (2004)
  25. L. He, New Algorithms and Methods for Blind Channel Equalization (completion in 2005)

Master's Theses Students

  1. M. B. DonVito,  Methods of Sidelobe Clutter Reduction for Random arrays (1977)
  2. L. J. Cimini,  Minimax Estimation Filters  (1979)
  3. G. Moustakides,  Robust Wiener Filters for Imprecise Second Order Statistics (1982)
  4. M. Whitney,  A Comparison of Smoothing Filters for Image Restoration  (1985)
  5. C. Ji,   Boundary Arrays for Linear Imaging (1986)
  6. R. T. Hoctor, A Comparison of Two Methods of Estimating Intensity of a Noisy Complex Process  (1987)
  7. P. Nguyen,  A New Technique for Subband Coding of Images (1987)
  8. L. Stanfel,  Coding of Speech Using Homomorphic Processing  (1989)
  9. I. Ozgunes, CFAR Detectors Based on Order Statistic Processing (1989)
  10. J. Moulton,    Image Processing for Speckle Reduction" (1990)
  11. S. Osmani,  Performance Characteristics of Some Bivariate Median Filters (1990)
  12. W. Vachula,   LPC Coding of Speech Waveforms (1990)
  13. P. Bajcsy,  Dual Approach to Multiscale Representation (1994)
  14. C. Murphy,  Experimental Results of Acoustic Line Array Active Imaging (1996)  
  15. D. Lees,  “Signal Processing for Electrochemical Fatigue Sensors,”  (1998) 
  16. K.-C. Liang,  Equal-Duration Finite State Markov Channel Model in Nakagami Fading Channel,”  (2003)
  17. Y. Guo,  Sparse Array Design for Wideband Imaging (2003)