My name is Katherine J. Kuchenbecker
I am an associate professor in Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics and the GRASP Lab at the University of Pennsylvania
You can view my curriculum vitae, read my publications, and visit my lab website
In June 2007 I completed a postdoctoral research fellowship in the Haptic Exploration Laboratory at the Johns Hopkins University
I finished my Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering at Stanford University in June 2006
I did my doctoral research in the Telerobotics Lab, developing methods for improving the realism of haptic feedback for virtual reality and teleoperation
I love to teach, and I especially enjoyed my time as a TA in the Stanford Product Realization Lab
I also enjoy designing and manufacturing things such as the NeoDriver, of which I have small and large videos (with voiceover)
I worked with Stanford's Center for Teaching and Learning to develop an automated web-based teaching evaluation system
I have been active in several women's organizations including AWE at Penn and SEGWA, the M.E. Women's Group, and Cap and Gown at Stanford
I married Jonathan Fiene on July 29, 2006, in a wedding at Stanford University
I love photography, and my husband and I maintain many galleries of images from our various travels
Please feel free to contact me via email