Paradigm shifts in biomedical field often arise from innovations in tools and measurement methods. Our research group is interested in applying interdisciplinary approaches to develop new tools and methods to solve current challenges in life sciences, such as disease diagnostics, medical therapeutics, mobile health, as well as personalized medicine. Our current research focuses on the integration of micro- and nanotechnology with biology and medicine, and their biomedical applications. Our research philosophy is “Interdisciplinary Integration and Innovation (I3)”. We are a diverse team of scientists & engineers with broad expertise spanning molecular biology and analytical chemistry to engineering (i.e. mechanical, electronic, biomedical, material). We have developed a number of innovative diagnostic devices for disease detection (i.e., HIV virus, Zika virus, cancer).

Contact Details

Telephone: (215)-746-2848

210 Towne Building
220 S. 33rd St.
Pennsylvania, 19104-6315, USA