I'm a Ph.D. student at the University of Pennsylvania. I have a Masters in Signal Processing from the University of São Paulo, Brazil, the same place from where I got my electrical engineering degree. As an undergraduate, my coursework included digital filters, electronic systems, and acoustics, which I studied as an exchange student in the masters program of the École Centrale de Lyon and INSA-Lyon, France. By the time I graduated, I had published 4 papers in international conferences.

I've worked mainly on projects involving signal processing, acoustics, and electronics. My first professional experience was as a laboratory assistant at the satellite power supply group of the National Institute for Space Research (INPE). There, I participated in solar cell characterization, project revisions, and power budget negotiations. While in France, I worked with non-destructive testing (NDT), developing in-depth tutorials on NDT of concrete using ultrasound, teaching hands-on workshops and consulting in the design of a crack detection system for Saint-Gobain. Back in Brazil, I participated in one of my greatest challenges as a signal processing engineer: the development of a full-sized aircraft cabin simulator alongside the Brazilian aeronautic industry. My contributions involved novel equalization techniques, electrical and acoustical design, and customized sensing solutions.

My masters topic involved the study of combinations of AFs advised by Prof. Cássio G. Lopes. During that time, I also developed electronic projects with undergraduate students for sensing and signal processing applications.

My main interests are signal processing, adaptive filters, optimization, electronic systems, audio, and acoustics. Whenever possible, I also provide statistical analysis consulting for works in other areas, such as behavioral sciences and ergonomics.

You can check out some of my personal interests here.