I play different instruments to various degrees of success. Mainly the piano, the accordion, and the acoustic guitar. I prefer improvisation, though. You can listen to a jam session from a couple of years back here. I also pretend to play the violin, the flute, and typical Brazilian percussion instruments such as the zabumba and the triangle. I worked in recording studios (most small, some even smaller), which is actually how I became interested in electrical engineering. I used to play the accordion (among other things) in a forró band named Quaraçá (sun ray or sun light in a Brazilian indigenous language). Forró is a folk music genre and dance from the Northeast of Brazil. I also used to dance.

Besides music, I also like reading and talking to people working outside of my domain of expertise. So I pretend to know some psychology (nothing clinical) and philosophy, particularly philosophy of science and probability. I don't always pretend very well though.

I am part of a group of soccer lovers that created the Philadelphia Open Soccer (or on Facebook), a program that teaches soccer to kids in public schools of West Philadelphia. We have grown a lot this year with new volunteers and started a program with in a very diverse neighborhood of Northeast Philadelphia that is now home to many refugees. Although I don't take soccer as seriously as you'd expect from a Brazilian, I do enjoy the World Cup. And if the thought of mentioning the 7-1 against Germany crossed your mind, I understand. But I'll get back to you when your national team wins five World Cups ;)