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We're a team of researchers at the University of Pennsylvania who build cell sized robots. For example, the background image is a real micrograph of one of our robots next to a paramecium.

Here we'll tell you more about what we're working on now and who we are.


PI: Marc Miskin, ESE, UPenn
T: 215-746-6850

Grad students:

Maya Lassiter 

David Gonzalez-Medrano 

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Electronically integrated mass manufactured microscopic robots
Marc Miskin, A. Cortese, K. Dorsey, E. Esposito, M. Reynolds, Q. Liu, D. Muller, P. McEuen, I. Cohen, Nature, 2020

Atomic layer deposition for membranes, metamaterials, and machines
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Graphene-based bimorphs for the fabrication of micron-sized, autonomous origami machines.
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Measuring and Manipulating Surface Adhesion in Graphene
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Nano Letters, 2017.

Turning statistical physics models into materials design engines.
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“The Automated Design of Materials Far From Equilibrium”,
MZ Miskin, Springer International Publishing, Switzerland, 2016. ISBN-13: 978-3-319-24619-2.

Direct observation of particle interactions and clustering in charged granular streams.
V Lee, SR Waitukaitis, MZ Miskin, HM Jaeger, Nature Physics, 2015.

Lattice Boltzmann simulations of particle-laden liquid bridges: Effects of volume fraction and wettability.
KW Connington, MZ Miskin, T Lee, HM Jaeger, JF Morris, International Journal of Multiphase Flow, 2015.

Optimizing a reconfigurable material via evolutionary computation.
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Evolving Design Rules for the Inverse Granular Packing Problem.
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Particle shape effects on the stress response of granular packings.
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Self-organization into quantized eigenstates of a classical wave-driven particle.
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Adapting granular materials through artificial evolution.
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Evolutionary pattern design for copolymer directed self-assembly.
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