Check IPD501

Project Description

For the Check assignment, Claire Brundage, Delayney Kaufman, Cole McKnight, and I designed and machined a full chess set. We chose to turn modern annodized almuminum pieces with copper inlays, and I focused on designing and machining the chess board. I based the board off of a hyperbolic parabaloid, using the curvature to highlight the simplicity of our pieces. To machine the board, I split it into eight strips with hidden joints. To avoid material waste, I machined the stepped strips on an angle. After polishing, we painted the black squares with epoxy paint. Once the strips were joined, I plugged the fastener holes and polished the board together to make it appear as one whole piece. We turned the pieces on the HAAS TL-1 and machined the board and other features on the Prototrak.