Team Radial Entropy IPD501 Final Project

Project Description

With over 100 custom machined parts and a four week deadline, this was the most intense team project I have ever been a part of. The task for the project was to make a "machine," so we chose to build a model radial engine, inspired by old fashioned airplane engines. Since we were unable to use combustion, we instead modeled the workings of a radial engine with compressed air, the only difference being our engine is two stroke since there is no compression or combustion stroke. I designed and machined the timing and crank mechanisms of the engine, using master modeling to speed design and help coordinate with my team. I relied heavily on CAM to finish my parts in time, and to hold the tolerances required for the engine to run. I also played a large roll in helping my team be successful, coordinating the CAD model and helping my teammates machine, sand, and polish other parts of the engine. I am especially proud of the custom bearing I designed and machined for the timing gear, with races cut right into the gear, case, and front panel.

Engine Details

  • 1500rpm at 80psi
  • CAM and manual milling and turning
  • 20in propeller
  • Engine weight: 9.1lbs
  • Stand weight: 6.8lbs