Robockey Mechatronics Final Project

Project Description

The final project for MEAM510 was to compete in Penn's annual Robockey tournament. My team consisted of Diego Caporale, Jake Welde, Garrett Wenger, and myself. Over the course of five weeks we designed, prototyped, built, and tested a team of three robots to autonmously play hockey. My primary focus was mechanical design. Each robot features quick access to all parts, an adjustable drivetrain to maximize speed and pushing power, a solenoid for slapshots, adjustable casters to tune wheel balance, a steel baseplate and ABS shell for impact, and added weight to leverage in a faceoff. Along with the IR camera provided for localization, we used nine phototransistors to detect the IR-emitting puck, ultrasonic sensors for goalie detection, a break-beam to ensure puck possession, and encoders for velocity feedback. Our robust design and solid controls earned us first place in the tournament.

Robot Details

  • Max speed 1.3m/s
  • Lasercutting, 3D printing, CNC milling, casting, heatforming
  • 8.2lbs