The SUBTLE team brings together researchers with expertise in a wide range of disciplines: computational linguistics, including formal language theory, computational semantics and parsing; syntax, semantics and pragmatics within linguistic theory; probabilistic modeling and machine learning; robotics; and human-robot interaction (HRI). At the heart of our proposal is fundamental new research (but extending previous work by each of us) to develop methods for constructing a computationally tractable end-to-end system for a habitable subset of English, one that takes us from utterances all the way to the understanding of them, including both a formal representation of the implicit meaning of utterances and the generation of control programs for a robot platform, here an iRobot ATRV-JR. In parallel, we will also develop a virtual simulation of the USAR environment to enable inexpensive large-scale corpus collection to proceed during many stages of system development.

For more information about the SUBTLE project contact the Principal Investigator, Mitch Marcus (mitch [at]