SUBTLE ARO MURI 2nd Annual Review

University of Pennsylvania | October 15-16, 2009


8:10 a.m. Breakfast
8:35 Introduction   Joe Myers
8:45 SUBTLE: Overview PowerPoint Mitch Marcus
9:30 Pragbot 2.0: Moving 'Pragbot' Language Interactions Toward More Realistic Situations PowerPoint Chris Czyzewicz/Norm Badler
10:10 The interplay of linguistic & contextual inferences PDF Chris Potts
10:50 Break
11:15 Integration & State Summarization PDF Dan Hestand/Munjal Desai/Holly Yanco
11:55 Lunch
12:30 p.m. Meaning to motion:Transforming specifications to provably-correct control PowerPoint Hadas Kress-Gazit/George Pappas
1:10 Integrating Linear Temporal Logic and a Parameterized Action Representation & Creating 3D Animated Human Behaviors for Virtual Worlds PowerPoint Jan Allbeck/Norm Badler
1:50 Break
2:05 Joint Inference for the NLP Pipeline: Probabilistic Programming and the FACTORIE System PDF David Smith/Andrew McCallum/Karl Schultz
2:45 SUBTLE Year 3 plans PowerPoint Mitch Marcus
3:00 Advisory Committee Meeting
4:00 Advisory Committee Initial Report
4:30 Review Adjourns