Nanostrip Operation Procedure

Updated on 10/16/2014



Operation procedure

1. Wear a chemical resistant apron, gloves, and a face mask (see HF operation procedure)

2. Turn on DI water to fill the rinsing bath with DI water.

3. Pour Nanostrip into a clean, dry glass beaker.

4. Place the beaker onto the hot plate.

5. Put the temperature probe in the beaker.

6. Turn on the hotplate

7. Set the temperature at 60 C.

8. When the temperature of Nanostrip is stable at 60 C, place the sample into the beaker.

9. Measure the time.

10. When the process is done, the sample is rinsed in DI water bath.

11. Dry the sample on a wipe in the bench.

12. Turn off the hot plate.

13. Allow the Nanostrip waste solution to cool down to room temperature.

14. When at room temperature, pour Nanostrip into the waste container on the right side of the acid hood.

15. Wash the container, sample holder, and tweezers in the DI water bath or the sink.

16. Wipe off any liquid on the bench, and throw the wipes away to the garbage before the bench.

17. Take off the apron, gloves, and face mask, and put them back to the original locations.