RTP-600S Rapid Thermal Annealer

  Standard Operating Procedure

Updated on 9/22/2020

o The system currently configured for ≤800°C processing with thermocouple

o To process at higher temps, the system will need to be reconfigured by Staff

o The gas flowing in the system is nitrogen gas only.

1. Check-in

1. Ensure that you are logged in to IRIS system, or the heater lamps will not turn on.

2. You may press ESC to return to the main menu for the system from any screen

2. Heater On

1. Press “HTR power on” button, and You will hear CDA flowing

3. Load Sample

1. Lift locking handle on door and gently pull forward to open.

2. Carefully place substrate on quartz tray fingers and thermocouple.

*) Quartz tray finger is easily broken.

*) If a small piece is annealed, place it on  4" Si carrier wafer.  Ask the staff for the Si Carrier wafer. 

3. Carefully close door and push locking handle down

4. Load and/or Create Recipe

1. Press F3 for the recipe menu

o Highlight recipe you wish to select for step review or editing

o Follow on screen commands for editing/saving/validating recipe

o Return to the main menu

5. Run Recipe

1. Press F4 to run a process

o Highlight the recipe you wish to run

o Press Enter to run “auto process”

o Observe recipe progress on the screen that appears

o Once the run is completed, an interlock prevents the door from being opened until, the system has cooled sufficiently

6. Unload Sample

1. Once the sample has been carefully removed, return the system to proper idle state

o Close and lock the door

o ESC to main menu

7. Shut Down

1. Ensure temperature reading on front panel is below 50°C, then press the “HTR power off” button

2. Log out of IRIS