Robot Makers 2

Workshop to be held in conjunction with
2016 Robotics Science and Systems
June 18-19, 2016, University of Michigan

The workshop will be held in North Quad 2185 on the University of Michigan campus
Robot Makers: The future of digital rapid design and fabrication of robots
A future enriched by personal on-demand programmable robots will require multi-disciplinary advancements across a range of research areas. New algorithms and programming languages will be necessary to define, evaluate, and optimize behavioral specifications and designs. New paradigms and tools will be needed for on-demand design generation. And new fabrication methods will be needed to realize custom electromechanical devices.

Following the success of our first workshop on Robot Makers (RoMa) at RSS 2014, which resulted in a paper in the IEEE Robotics and Automation Magazine, we invite you to participate in the second RoMa at RSS 2016 to discuss the future of digital rapid design and fabrication of robots. With your contributions, we will make this one even more successful, by turning the proceedings into a published Springer book.

The focus of this year's workshop will be on the interplay between robotics in academia and the wider world of maker culture. How can academic research contribute to the democratization of engineering creation? And what can robotics researchers learn from the experiences of educators, artists, hobbyists, and other community and industry makers?

Within this workshop, we aim to bring together researchers pushing forward the state of the art in these and related fields. Through talks and discussions, this workshop will seek to identify key issues facing the realization of custom cyber-physical systems; by gathering like-minded researchers together, we can address these issues and begin to develop a roadmap for upcoming research. This interactive, multi-prong, cross-disciplinary workshop will define and advance the future of robot making. Any papers that discuss challenges in developing and programming robots are welcomed. In particular, we invite submissions that are centered on the following topics:
  • Rapid Fabrication for Robotics;
  • Personalized Robotics;
  • Programming Languages for Robotics;
  • Hardware/software Codesign;
  • Design Databases;
  • From Rapid Prototyping to Mass Production;
  • 2D and 3D Printing;
  • Robotics in Education and;
  • Robotics in Art.
Invited Speakers
  • Prof. Mark Yim, UPenn
  • Prof. Mike Rubenstein, Nortwestern
  • Prof. Pietro Valdastri, Vanderbilt
  • Prof. Michael Yip, UC San Diego
  • Prof. Nina Mahmoudian, Michigan Tech
  • Prof. Ken Stafford, WPI
  • Prof. Steve Swanson, UC San Diego
  • Prof. Robert Shepherd, Cornell
  • Prof. Dan Aukes, Arizona State University
  • Dr. Matteo Bianchi, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia
Tentative Dates
  • April 29 May 08 – Submission Deadline (extended)
  • May 16 May 20 – Acceptance Notification (extended)
  • May 31 – Final Submission
  • June 19 – 2016 RoMa Workshop at University of Michigan - North Quad 2185
Submissions Instructions
We welcome both papers and extended abstract that contribute to the fields of fabrication, design, and programming of robotic systems. All submissions will receive standard reviews and will be evaluated in terms of significance, relevance, and technical quality. Accepted papers will be presented through a 20 minutes oral presentation, while extended abstract will be presented through a 12 minutes presentation.

Submitted papers should be up to 8 pages in length, including figures and uploaded via the RoMa2016 Submission Site.

Submitted extended abstract should be up to 2 pages in length, including figures, and uploaded via the RoMa2016 Submission Site.

A paper template is available in Latex and Word.
The proceedings from RoMa2016 will be published on a edited Springer book. Original contributions will be considered as chapters for this book. Authors of extended abstracts will have the opportunity to write and submit a full paper after the workshop to be included in the book.

...More information coming soon.
Organizing Committee
Workshop Program
The workshop will be held in North Quad 2185 on the University of Michigan campus

Morning Session (8:30 - 12:00)

SESSION 1: Design / Vision – 8:30 - 10:01
  • Introduction by RoMa Organizers – 08:30 - 08:45
  • Mark Yim - Design of low-cost systems – 08:45 - 09:05
  • Steve Swanson - Freshmen Designing Robots – 09:05 - 09:25
  • Philip Dezonia, Dylan Drotman and Michael Tolley - Low-Cost Open-Source Mechanical Tester for Soft Robotics – 10+2 mins presentation
  • Rohit Ramesh and Prabal Dutta - Embedded Device Generation: Turning Software into Hardware – 10+2 mins presentation
  • Stelian Coros and Bernhard Thomaszewski - Interactive Design of 3D-Printable Robots – 10+2 mins presentation
Coffee Break – 10:01 - 10:30
SESSION 2: Fabrication – 10:30 - 12:00
  • Ken Stafford - Developing Maker Mentality – 10:30 - 10:50
  • Matteo Bianchi - Fast prototyping of soft robots and human-robot interfaces: methods, applications and open platforms. – 10:50 - 11:10
  • Ryan St. Pierre, Alex Epstein and Sarah Bergbreiter - 3D Printing sub-gram modular robots to study leg compliance in locomotion – 10+2 mins presentation
  • Dogan Osman Yirmibesoglu, John Morrow, Steph Walker, Samantha Hemleben and Yigit Menguc - New Techniques in Making Soft Robots Better – 10+2 mins presentation
  • Adriane Minori, Ben Shih, Caleb Christianson and Michael T. Tolley - 3D Printed Shape Memory Polymer Composite for Fabric Actuation – 10+2 mins presentation
  • Robert Maccurdy, Joseph Delpreto and Daniela Rus - Printable Hydraulics - Fabricating Assembly-free Robots via Additive Manufacturing – 10+2 mins presentation
Lunch (12:00 - 14:00)

Afternoon Session (14:00 - 18:00)

SESSION 3: Application – 14:00 - 15:30
  • Michael Yip - Accessible Technologies: Robot Muscles from Sewing Thread and Open-source Haptics – 14:00 - 14:20
  • Pietro Valdastri - Rapid Prototyping of Medical Capsule Robots – 14:20 - 14:40
  • Nina Mahmoudian - Glider for Underwater Problem-solving and Promotion of Interest in Engineering – 14:40 - 15:00
  • Hakan Tunc, Addisu Taddese, Peter Volgyesi, Akos Ledeczi and Pietro Valdastri - Model-based Integrated Design Environment for Rapid Prototyping of Medical Capsule Robots – 10+2 mins presentation
  • John Peterson, Frank Chiarulli, Emily Houlihan and John Rieffel - Automating Invention: Evolutionary Fabrication on 3D Printers – 10+2 mins presentation
DEMO Session and Coffee Break – 15:30 - 16:00
SESSION 4: Application / Future Directions – 16:00 - 18:00
  • Mike Rubenstein - Low Cost Robots for Education – 16:00 - 16:20
  • Abraham Shultz - TinyRobo: A Platform for Tabletop Swarm Research – 10+2 mins presentation
  • Robert Shepherd - Materials as Machines: Foam Robots – 16:32 - 16:52
  • Dan Aukes - Informal robotics: closing the loop between teaching and research – 16:52 - 17:12
  • Discussion – 17:12 - 17:45
  • Conclusion – 17:45 - 18:00
Informal dinner/drink with organizers/attendees – Evening TBA