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Nik Sultana, PhD

I'm a postdoc in the NetDB group at Penn, working with Boon Thau Loo, and part of the Distributed Systems Lab.

Contact: nsultana at seas.


Research interests

Networking, compiler & systems programming, security, and formal methods, in that disorder.


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Most recent:

More can be downloaded from my old page, my GitHub, and my GitLab.


At Penn I've had the good fortune to work with the following RA's: Achala Rao, Zihao Jin (visiting from Tsinghua University), Anirudh Chelluri, Nishanth Prabhu, Shilpi Bose, Henry Zhu, Ke Zhong (visiting from Shanghai Jiao Tong University), Zhaoyang Han, Ruijie Mao, Digvijaysinh Chauhan, Nishanth Shyamkumar, Shivani Burad, and Zhilei Zheng.

At Cambridge I supervised Jonny Shipton's 2016 UROP and the "Part II" (undergrad final-year) projects of Thomas Le Feuvre, Radu Voroneanu, Daniel Spencer (co-supervised with Richard Mortier), and Rupert Horlick (co-supervised with Richard Mortier).

At Penn I gave a guest lecture on Denial-of-Service attacks and mitigations as part of CIS331, and to SEAS summer interns on successive years. At Cambridge I lectured Prolog for one year, and "supervised" (Cambridge-speak for small-group teaching) the following courses over several years: Compiler construction, Computer networking, Concepts in programming languages, Denotational semantics, Discrete maths, Foundations of computer science, Logic and proof, Operational semantics, Optimising compilers, Prolog, Software and interface design, Specification and verification, Unix tools.

Other activities

COMSNETS TPC 2020, SIGCOMM Posters+Demos PC 2019 & 2018, NetPL co-organiser 2017 & 2016, EuroSys Shadow PC 2015, CiE type-setting 2012, TCSS Symposium co-organiser 2011, Principia co-organiser 2010.


I was previously a post-doc in the Cambridge Systems Research Group, where I worked on programmable networking using domain-specific and general-purpose languages for different hardware targets. Before that I wrote a PhD in the Automated Reasoning Group, where I developed a compiler-based approach to proof translation.

Before the PhD I worked in the Schwichtenberg group on constructive proof search, thanks to the EU's Marie Skłodowska-Curie programme. Before that I wrote an MSc dissertation on the validation of refactorings using interactive theorem-proving.

I did my first degree in Malta, during which I benefitted enormously from the EU's Vulcanus in Japan programme and the Erasmus programme, during which I studied at the University of Kent.

And as tribute to the 90's, this page is perpetually...

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