Oleh Rybkin

Hi! I am Oleh, a Ph.D. student in the GRASP lab at the University of Pennsylvania and a student researcher at Google. I am advised by Kostas Daniilidis and Sergey Levine.

My research interests are in unsupervised intelligent agents, agents with internal world models, and data-driven agent training. Most of my recent work is on visual model-based reinforcement learning.

I received my bachelor's degree from Czech Technical University in Prague, where I worked with Tomas Pajdla. I've spent time at INRIA with Josef Sivic, TiTech with Akihiko Torii, and UC Berkeley with Sergey Levine, Dinesh Jayaraman, and Chelsea Finn.

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  • Jan 2022: I will be interning at DeepMind in the summer!
  • Jan 2022: A new paper on leveraging robot dynamics models is accepted to ICLR.
  • Jan 2022: I am co-teaching ESE 650, a class on robot learning, in the spring.
  • Sep 2021: A NeurIPS paper on discovering and achieving goals accepted! Presented as oral at two ICML workshops.
  • May 2021: Two ICML papers accepted: on simple and effective VAE training, and on Latent Collocation.
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    Science reading list
    This is a list some books and shorter papers that changed my understanding of the field of AI and science in general. I hope you might find this useful too! The list is evolving, and suggestions for new reading material are welcome.

    The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, Thomas S. Kuhn.
    Vision, David C. Marr.

    Short works:
    Computing Machinery and Intelligence, Alan M. Turing.
    The importance of stupidity in scientific research, Martin A. Schwartz.
    You and Your Research, Richard W. Hamming.
    As we may think, Vannevar Bush.
    Levels of Analysis for Machine Learning, Jessica Hamrick, Shakir Mohamed.
    Collaborators and Students
    I am always looking for collaborators and students who are strongly motivated to work on a research project, including students who want to do a Master's thesis. Check out some of my work above and if you find it interesting, do send me an email!

    Past (current affiliation):

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