Peter Ballen

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PhD Candidate, University of Pennsylvania

I am a PhD candiate studying Computer Science at the University of Pennsylvania. My research focus is Algorithms, specifically Matrix Factorization Algorithms. I am part of the CS Theory Group.
Advisor: Sudipto Guha
Office: Levine 565

I obtained my undergraduate decree as a Math and Computer Science double major at Swarthmore College

Work / Teaching

Capital One, Data Engineer, 2017
Developed Big Data and Streaming tools to ensure protection of Personally Identifiable Information.

Stroz Friedberg, Software Engineer, 2013-2014
Developed digital forensics tools to quickly triage suspect computers and identify signs of misuse.

Swarthmore ITS, Technical Support Associate, 2012
Replaced out-of-data computesr and assisted with IT support

Lecturer/Teaching Assistant, 2011-2016
Lecturer for Graduate-Level Algorithms. TA for Algorithms, Calculus I, and Calculus II.

Skills / Experience

  • Extensive experience coding in Python, C++, Java. Limited experience coding in Scala and Prolog.
  • Experience developing distributed and streaming programs using Hadoop Map-Reduce, Spark, and Kafka.
  • Experience using open-source mathematical and ml libraries: numpy, scipy, mklearn, networkx
  • Experience teaching and communicating technical ideas to a non-technical audience.

Awards / Recognition


I enjoy swimming, and swam on the Swarthmore Varsity Team during college. My specialty was distance freestyle.

I also enjoy playing bridge and other trick taking card games.