Package edu.upenn.cis.pdtb

In memory representation of PDTB annotations.


Interface Summary
PDTBAltLexRelation An AltLexRelation represents a relation between adjacent sentences predicated by something which is not a connective.
PDTBAltLexRelationFeatures Features of an AltLexRelation
PDTBArg An argument of a relation.
PDTBArgFeatures The base class of the features associated with a PDTBNode.
PDTBAttribute An attribute asscoiated with a PDTBNode.
PDTBConnFeatures The base class of the features associated with a PDTBNode.
PDTBExplicitRelation An ExplicitRelation established by a connective.
PDTBExplicitRelationFeatures Features associated with an ExplicitRelation.
PDTBFeatures The base class of the features associated with a PDTBNode.
PDTBImplicitRelation An ImplicitRelation.
PDTBImplicitRelationFeatures Features associated with an implicit relation.
PDTBInferenceSite The site of inference of an implicit relation.
PDTBNode Base class of all PDTBNodes.
PDTBRelation Base class of relations.
PDTBRelationList Container for a list of relations.
PDTBSelection A (possibly discontinuous) selection of text.
PDTBSup Corresponds to supplementary information.
RelationLoader Implementations of this assist in loading annotations into memory.

Class Summary
PDTBAltLexRelationFeaturesImpl Implementation of the PDTBAltLexRelationFeatures interface.
PDTBAltLexRelationImpl Implementation of the PDTBAltLexRelation interface.
PDTBArgFeaturesImpl Implementation of the PDTBArgFeatures interface.
PDTBArgImpl Implementation of the PDTBArg interface
PDTBConnFeaturesImpl Implementation of the PDTBConnFeatures interface.
PDTBExplicitRelationFeaturesImpl Implementation of the PDTBExplicitRelationFeatures interface.
PDTBExplicitRelationImpl Implementation of the PDTBExplicitRelation interface.
PDTBFeaturesImpl Implementation of the PDTBFeatures interface.
PDTBImplicitRelationFeaturesImpl Implementation of the PDTBImplicitRelationFeatures interface.
PDTBImplicitRelationImpl Implementation of the PDTBImplicitRelation interface.
PDTBInferenceSiteImpl Implementation of the PDTBInferenceSite interface.
PDTBOptions Makes the options in available for PDTBFeatures to read in
PDTBOptionsAccum Used by PDTBOptions and lexyacc/Options to accumulate and get the options from the file

Package edu.upenn.cis.pdtb Description

In memory representation of PDTB annotations.