As part of my ENGL-293 class, I'm studying the influence of computers on literature (and vice-versa). Here is the outline so far...

+  Computers and Literature
	+  Intro
		-  Bio about self and ENIAC museum
		+  Talk today will include:
			-  History
			-  Computers in Lit
			-  Writing Lit with Computers
			-  The Internet
	+  History
		-  First, there was literature
		-  Then, in 1946, there was invented the 1st computer.
		-  Early word processors appeared in the late '70s.
		-  A popular hero and villan in literature
	+  Computers in Literature
		+  Colussus, the Forbin Project
			-  Computer takes over world (like Skynet)
			-  Computer as next step in evolution
		+  HAL in 2001 (and later, 2010)
			-  Computer with feelings
			-  The "unfailable" computer
		+  Robots and Androids
			-  What is it that makes us human?
			-  Can a machine be "alive?"
		+  Some current computer literature
			+  I Lost My Baby,  My Pickup and My Guitar on 
			   the Information Highway
				-  Gadget Lust
				-  Desire Among the Binary Trees
			+  Computers as Theatre
				-  Human-Computer Interface and Activity
				-  Action, Character, Thought, Language, 
				   Communication and Enactment
				-  Writing in the New Media
			+  The Gutenberg Elegies: The Fate of Reading in 
			   an Electronic Age
				-  Are books as we know them dead?
				-  Views Wired Magazine as argument 
				   between Technology and Soul
				-  Do we understand the implications of 
				   the technology we embrace?
			+  The Lion King (Golden Sound Story)
				-  Computer-Aided Sound Effects
				-  Fun for kids, may drive parents nuts!
		-  The Final Question by Isaac Asimov
	+  Using Computers to write Literature
		+  The word processor
			+  The old way
				-  Create, output to paper
				-  Make changes, then more output to paper
				-  Retype plenty of perfectly good paragraphs
			+  With a word processor
				-  Create, edit
				-  Make changes, edit more
				-  Output final version to paper
				-  Much Less Typing!
		+  The outline processor
			-  Many levels of Indention
			-  Expand, collapse headings and text
			-  Start with the main ideas, then add detail
			-  Good for lots of re-arrangement of ideas
		+  The idea processor
			-  Good for gathering and organizing 
			   rapid-flowing ideas
			-  Voice-to-text, free form input
			-  Still in development
	+  Computers, Literature and the internet
		-  Many works are available online
		-  Writing tools and tips
		-  A place to submit your own writing
		-  What about intellectual property?
	+  Conclusion
		+  Good Points
			-  Access to famous works
			-  Word processing is better than typing
			-  Anyone can publish!
		+  Bad Points
			-  Anyone can publish!
			+  Computers can absorb time that could have been 
			   used writing.
				-  Games
				-  The net (includes e-mail, web, IRC and MUDs)
			-  The Computer Ate My Thesis
		-  The Big Lever