Cool Internet Sites

If you want to find someone on the internet, you can try Four11 or WhoWhere.

Kids from 10 to 16 are forming their own cyber-nation! For more info, visit the Nation.1 site.

Multi-engine search sites:, Savvy Search, and

If you'd like to buy something, try searching Net Buyer by Ziff-Davis.

The kind people at have made a MAP of this SITE! See it HERE.

If you'd like to know more about Memetics, you can visit Meme Central. Another meme-ish site is Everything.

Finally, the web has some cool art. Visit HotWired's RGB Gallery for a taste of some very exciting digital artwork. I especially liked the Sodeoka exhibit. For a page that's fun with words, try WordLab.

The funniest newsgroup in USENET has a home page; for a laugh, go visit rec.humor.funny. A web-based comic strip can be found at Argon Zark.

To make "META" tags, try

Walt Disney has a big bunch-o-sites, one of which is tuned in to the local scene around Philadelphia. If you've got kids, why not check out Here are links to some of my personal friends: