Here is the letter from Tom & Sandy Farley:

Date: Tue, 01 Jul 1997 20:26:01 -0800
From: Tom & Sandy Farley <>
Organization: Spontaneous Combustion
Subject: FGC workshop

Friends, I wish I could be there with you. I recognize a few familiar names in your group [Hi, Ernie!] Last year I worked on the children's programs full time and helped bring storytellers to the gathering. Only Sue from our family is there this year - her last year in the HS program. We heard from her that you had a bit of rain, more than when it flodded at Amherst? I located you from the chat room messages at George Amos site. If anyone is interested in internet stuff for Quaker kids, I am developing that as a part of our web pages. Our Home Page is at I also produce the web pages for EarthLight magazine, a publication of our YM's Unity with Nature Committee. It is at

I should be adding ten to twenty new articles to it in the next week or two. So far I have done all my HTML by hand, not with an editor, but I hear that there is a way to use Adobe Acrobat to transfer whole pages of our magazine layout from PageMaker into HTML and post it so that it looks the same as the print version. I'll check in on your web site each morning to see what you are up to.
Tom Farley -- Palo Alto Meeting --