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This workshop helped me to overcome my learning anxiety. The computer did not explode!

I had several ideas on how I would like to use the Internet:. 1) I wanted to see if I could improve and update my little Quaker Video page, which a friend's son has authored for our business. 2) I wanted to try to create a site for the NY Yearly Meeting epistle on the Quaker website, which I intend to pursue at our YM session: 7th Month 26 to 8th Month 2,1997.

I settled on: 3) lesbian-feminist Christian spirtuality, in conjunction with Quakerism. Apparently, this was a new idea, as my original search came up empty. I was successful in simply finding articles on feminist spirituality or lesbianism and Christianity, or Friends for Lesbian and Gay Concerns, and a Quaker discussion group on same-sex issues .

Tom spoke to my condition when he shared in worship. For me, it meant, "if you don't find what you seek on the internet, create it yourself."

For an interesting page on Biblical themes related to America, "Mom, Apple pie, and the Army", etc. , be sure to check out Dirty Hippy.

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