The goal we set for our group was originally finding the Light Online. For that reason we named our web page Finding the Light Online. I finally found myself drawn to the surf the web looking to gather the many gossamer strands that were all ready out there. We clearly found the Light on the Internet is found in several distinct forms. First, the Light that fulfills our need for information on which to act and how others are acting. This Light helps the Way to open before us. Many of the other Friends in this workshop are sharing this kind of Light with you.  
Second, is the Light which is found in words an theology, both from Friends and non-Friends. William Penn To Margaret Fell; William Penn to Margaret Fell, On Returning From America; William Penn, Quaker Universalist; Maurice Creasey, "Christ in Early Quakerism.; "A View From the Facing Bench," T. Eugene Coffin; Convinced In Our Day. This category includes some very basic discussions:  Quaker Humanism?; The Quaker Universalist Fellowship: An introduction; Facts About Friends; Quaker Universalist Fellowship ; SOF and the QUAKER TRADITION; Quakers: Frequently Asked Questions; Worlds most dangerous Book; To Talk is Treason; Re: Baptism, Essential. Even buried in an article for Heavy Metal music we find a glimpse: Screaming in Digital - June, 1997.
Mike Croghan's Religion Page stands out from the other discussions both for its basic beauty and serenity as well as the fact that it was the starting point for me to find many of the links in the next category. If you visit no other site from this page, visit this page.
Third are connections between Friends. I suspected, rightly, that there were already several lists of web sights available. And I include those lists themselves rather than redo what others have done before me. The Religious Society of Friends is an obvious beginning spot. It will lead you to many individual Quaker Organizations such as William Penn House. Smaller listings include: AFSC ARCHIVES; St. John's Worship Group of the Society of Friends, among others. Included in this list is Young Friends: "A Surprising Realization"; YouthQuake (page 1 of 4); Spontaneous Combustion Young Friends Link. In addition, you can join Quaker-l and Quaker-p, which are "List Servers" so you can send a letter to everyone on the list or you can respond. Click here to sign up: Quaker-L or Quaker-P.
 Finally, and the best for me is Quaker Electronic Archive. This is where I began to find what I didn't know I was looking for: Quaker Chat Page, including the Meeting for Worship every Thursday night at 10:30 EDT. Although the Online Meeting for Worship was a difficult experience for me its potential and value (as with all occasions when we find the Light) is priceless. For many of us find the connection with others in worship magnifies