Jim Morgan's Notes

I started looking for the light online by searching general terms, such as worship, meditation, visual and image. In the hundreds of sites that use these terms I did find a few interesting images of worship sites, but not quite what I wanted. I was unable to attend the online worship last night, but I think the interaction of meeting with other friends online is more what I wanted. The images I found were too static.
Wednesday I added dance as a search term and found some interesting groups. I then tried a much more specific term, "Psalm 100", to look for a text I enjoy. This located some wonderful sites with the words themselves, plus a Benedictine Abbey in South Africa that uses the music of the Old 100 on the home page of their site.
Wednesday I also tried a site devoted to Frank Lloyd Wright to look for images of his house of worship, and did find a link to his Madison Unitarian meeting house with some good images.
Thursday I typed up these notes, and then with the class tried searching news groups on Alta Vista. With the Psalm 100 search I found a note about a site that posts complete images of the music notation for psalms.
Finding the Light Online Our Home Site for the Conference.
SavvySearch An interesting meta-search engine. It was especially good with a specific topic like "Psalm 100".
Meditation FAQ Basic info about meditation
Sound, Music and Health Links This was a very good index site on these topics.
Sun Ock Lee I didn't realize there was such a thing as Zen dancing.
Sacred Circle Dance List & Choreography This site had enough description to let you do some simple dances.
References to Psalm 100
Lectionary for Proper 6 (11), Year A, Psalm 100
King James Version - Psalms 100
Inkamana Abbey Homepage
New Psalm Music at site!! This news group article mentions a new site for getting bit-mapped images of the music for psalms. (A bit-mapped image would let you print out the music notation.)
Frank Lloyd Wright & worship
About the Meeting House Madison Wisconsin House of Worship