Finding the Light Online

Long Description

In this workshop, Friends will explore the World Wide Web (WWW), learn how the internet works and how to create a "home page" on the WWW. By the end of the week, the participants will have visited a variety web sites, and had a chance to try USENET news and HTML authoring. Each day we will discuss what the group has seen, and we'll integrate our findings into our very own web page, which we'll publish on the World Wide Web for anyone to read. This workshop will be held in one of the JMU computer labs, and you can visit the workshop home page at


The format for this workshop will be: worship, surf, worship, author. We'll start each day with a short meeting for worship, then we'll "surf the internet" for about an hour, looking for web pages that have some measure of "inner light" or Quaker values. Next, we'll push back from the terminals and have a second bit of "active" worship, where participants will share the information they've seen that day, and we'll all reflect on what we've seen. Finally, we'll choose some of the pages that we've seen, and add a bit of commentary, and publish our collective thoughts on the World Wide Web.

During the week, we'll cover the World Wide Web, USENET newsgroups, and HTML authoring. Along the way we'll discuss getting an internet account from a local provider and using electronic mail, but mostly we'll be working with the WWW and authoring web pages.

For advanced reading, I recommend any beginner's book on authoring HTML and surfing the WWW. If participants have authored any web pages, they should bring the URL with them to the workshop.

Leader...Paul W. Shaffer