Hi! I am Richeek

A senior CSE undergrad at IIT Bombay

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About Me

I am a final year undergraduate majoring with an Honors in the Computer Science and Engineering department of Indian Institute of Technology Bombay.

I research AI and statistics in pretty diverse fields: Computer Vision, NLU, Causal Inference, Compressed Sensing, Behavioural Economics, and more... I keep on trying to decide on a sub-domain to focus on, but problems with real-world applications of AI/Stats are too many to ignore. So for now I'll continue to pretend that I work on Interdisciplinary AI :)

Recently, I have realized that I want to pursue fields with a strong AI component + something very tangible like; computational imaging, computational cognitive neuroscience, etc — which I could not fully explore in my undergrad.

If I am not working, you'll probably find me with my Guitar, Camera or some Murakami Novel.



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Its pretty easy to contact me! I am highly active in all the following threads and please feel free to drop by any of them. I'll be happy to have any sort of chat with you ranging from the Uchuu Kyoudai to the recent advancements in Deep Learning (for humans?).