I'm a graduate student in the Department of Bioengineering at the University of Pennsylvania. My focus is on medical imaging, specifically MRI. I'm part of the HHMI Interfaces Program, which emphasises medical training alongside the traditional engineering curriculum offered by the program.

My thesis advisor is Dr. Rahim Rizi in the Functional and Metabolic Imaging Group (FMIG) in the Department of Radiology. My current research aims are to quantitatively characterize the functional and metabolic states of different lung pathologies in animal models using hyperpolarized carbon-13 imaging, and to correlate them with changes in biological pathways for earlier detection and diagnosis.

Prior to joining FMIG, I rotated with Dr. Harish Poptani in the Department of Radiology. My work focused on implementing a registration protocol for analyzing DTI images of glioblastoma patients.

Before starting my PhD, I worked in Dr. Xiaojuan Li's lab in the MQIR group at UCSF. My research focused on characterizing osteoarthritic cartilage from human knees using HR-MAS proton NMR spectroscopy.