MSE430: Polymers and Biomaterials (Spring, required)
(Also CBE 430, MSE 580, and CBE510)

This course focuses on synthesis, characterization, microstructure, rheology, and structure-property relationships of polymers, and their applications in nano- and biotechnology.

Topical coverage includes:

  1. polymerization methods: kinetics and molecular weight control
  2. measurement of molecular weight and polydispersity
  3. structure of glassy, crystalline, and rubbery polymers
  4. thermodynamics of polymer solutions and blends, and crystallization
  5. polymer mechanical properties
  6. biopolymers and engineering

Case studies include thermodynamics of block copolymer thin films and their applications in nanolithography, block copolymer solutions in drug delivery; crystallization of conducting and optically active polymers; polymer degradation in drug delivery; hydrogels in tissue engineering.


MSE 790: Advanced polymer chemistry (Fall, selective)

This is an advanced graduate course with emphasis in design and synthesis of functional polymers. During the course, students will be enaged in critique and analysis of literatures in emerging polymre research topics, and independent project design using the knowlege gained in the class.

Topical coverage includes:

  1. crosslinking of polymer gels
  2. controlled living free radical polymerization and its recent advancement
  3. chain copolymerization
  4. ring-opening polymerization
  5. polymer brushes
  6. responsive polymers
  7. block copolymer nanopatterning
  8. bidegradable polymers