Bio-organisms often exhibit an exquisite array of hierarchical organization with multiscale structures as exemplified by the iridescence in blue Morpho rhetenor butterflies, the waveguiding properties in diatom exoskeletons, the self-cleaning ability of lotus leaves, and the dry adhesion of Gecko foot hairs. These examples provide inspiration for the development of new functional hybrid materials. To mimic hierarchical organization in Nature, one of the emerging strategies is the convergence of top-down microfabrication and bottom-up nanoassembly.

Research Objectives

Research Areas:

    • Control of wetting, adhesion and bioadhesion on topographic polymer surfaces
    • Templating topological defects in liquid crystal molecules using gemoetric substrates
    • Foldable, buildable materials guided by lattice kirigami (Check out our kirigami blog)
    • Dynamic tuning of optical properties using geometrically patterned responsive materials
    • Nano/micropatterning of periodic 2D and 3D structures from polymers and hybrid materials
    • Harnessing elastic instabilities in (patterned) polymer gels