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Solomon R. Pollack, Ph.D.

Professor of Bioengineering; Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery Research; Professor of Nursing

A.B., Physics, University of Pennsylvania, 1955
M.S., Physics, University of Pennsylvania, 1957
Ph.D., Physics, University of Pennsylvania, 1961

Research Interests

My research is concerned with the musculoskeletal system. We have special interests in the bioelectrical properties of bone and connective tissue; the electrical stimulation of bone growth and fracture healing; electrokinetic effects in bone; biomaterials, hydroxyapatite, and implants; and fluid flow effects on bone cells and their relationship to bone tissue engineering. We also do research on tissue engineering of bone graft material in rotating bioreactors. We have introduced new technologies for 3-D scaffolds in bone tissue engineering that facilitates earlier matrix synthesis and calcification. These technologies combined with the use of rotating bioreactors offers the opportunity to advance this field to the point of clinical trials.

Selected Publications

What is the Role of the Convective Current Density in the Real-Time Calcium Response of Cultured Bone Cells to Fluid Flow? J. of Biomechanics; 29:1403-1409 1996.

Serum Plays a Critical Role in Modulating Cytosolic Calcium Concentration of Primary Culture Bone Cells Exposed to Weak Ion Resonance Magnetic Fields. BEMS 18:203-214, 1997.

Biochemical Pathway Mediating the Response of Bone Cells to Capacitively Coupling. C.O.R.R.; 350: 246-256, 1998.

Streaming Potentials in Bone. Bone Biomechanics Handbook, CRC Press. Edited by Stephen C. Cowin, in press.

3-D Self assembled scaffolds in a rotating bioreactor. Submitted to Journal Tissue Engineering.