Package struct.sequence

Classes for features, label, instance, prediction, etc.


Class Summary
ChunkerDataManager ChunkerDataManager.
HandWritDataManager Hand written DataManager.
HandWritInstance Hand written Instance.
InstanceListDataManager A DataManager to manage Mallet Instances.
LinearSequenceModel A linear model for sequences.
NeDataManager NeDataManager.
POSDataManager POSDataManager.
SequenceAccuracyEvaluator An evaluator to evaluate sequence accuracy.
SequenceDataManager A manager to manage sequence data.
SequenceEvaluator A sequence evaluator.
SequenceFeatures Features for sequences.
SequenceInput A sequence input.
SequenceInstance A sequence instance.
SequenceLabel A sequence label.
SequencePrediction Prediction for a sequence.
SequencePredictor A predictor for sequences.

Package struct.sequence Description

Classes for features, label, instance, prediction, etc. of sequences.

Copyright (C) 2006 University of Pennsylvania.