I enjoy many listening to many types of music. Though I dabbled in Western classical music during my school years, my primary training is in Karnatik music. Specifically, I am a Mridangist. My guru is the maestro Sri Guruvayur Dorai, and before coming under his tutelage I learned from Sri Krishna Balakrishna and Sri Vinod Gopinath.

I have performed in many concerts across the U.S. and in Chennai, India. I am fortunate to have accompanied esteemed musicians, such as Sri Palai C.K. Ramachandran, Sri B.U. Ganesh Prasad, and Sri T.S. Sankaran. Here are a few links to recent performances of mine:

Accompanying Kum. Vidya Kanthan and Kum. Geeta Shankar
Accompanying Sri Anoop Krishnan in April 2017
Accompanying Kum. Sutikshna Veeravalli in August 2016
Accompanying Sri Kamalakiran Vinjamuri in August 2015