I will offer a special topics course this fall, TCOM 799 (Algorithms in Networking). In this course I will introduce several networking papers which use sophisticated resource allocation decisions for optimizing system performance. For this purpose, I will first introduce basic theory required for design, analysis and proving correctness of these algorithms, and supplement it with specific networking example applications.

First Lecture,

Lecture 1 supplement

The first lecture and the first half of the second lecture will cover commonly used algorithms for point to point routing. The second half of second lecture and the third lecture will discuss papers covering other routing objectives.

Second Lecture

Third Lecture

Papers referred in third lecture

The third and the fourth lecture will cover quality of service conscious point to point routing. The fifth lecture will address broadcast and multicast routings, (minimum spanning tree algorithms).

fourth Lecture

Papers referred in fourth lecture

Fifth Lecture

Sixth Lecture

Seventh Lecture

Eigth Lecture

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