SML Workshop

Date: Wed, 18 Sep 91 15:54:20 PDT

              CALL FOR PAPERS for ML Workshop

      ACM SIGPLAN Workshop on ML and its Applications
                      June 20-21, 1992
                     San Francisco, CA
                (between PLDI'92 and LFP'92)

Short abstracts or position papers  of  no  more  than  four
pages  in  length  are  sought  on topics relating to the ML
language.  Contributions on applications, programming metho-
dology, and system-building experience are particularly wel-
come, but the workshop will also cover  issues  of  language
design,  semantics,  implementation,  programming  tools and
environments for ML. All submissions must  be  sent  to  the
Program Chair.

Program Chair:
   Peter Lee
   School of Computer Science
   Carnegie Mellon University
   5000 Forbes Avenue
   Pittsburgh, PA 15213-3890
   (412) 268-3049

Program Committee:
   Simon Finn (Abstract Hardware, Ltd.)
   Emden Gansner (AT&T Bell Laboratories)
   Robert Harper (Carnegie Mellon University)
   Michel Mauny (INRIA)
   John Mitchell (Stanford University)
   Mads Tofte (University of Copenhagen)

For additional information, contact

General Chair:
   David MacQueen
   AT&T Bell Laboratories
   Room 2C-322
   600 Mountain Avenue
   Murray Hill, NJ 07974

Submission details and important dates for the workshop:

Authors are encouraged to submit their abstracts to the Pro-
gram  Chair  by electronic mail (using Unix commands tarmail
or uuencode) if possible. The accepted formats are  DVI  and
PostScript.  If  electronic  submission  is  not possible, 6
copies of the paper should be sent to the Program Chair.

Abstracts  will  be  judged  on   relevance,   significance,
correctness and clarity.  Papers simultaneously submitted to
other workshops, conferences, and journals are  not  accept-

The deadline for receipt of abstracts to  each  workshop  is
December  3, 1991. Authors will be notified of acceptance or
rejection by January 31, 1992.  Final  version  of  accepted
papers  must  be  received  in camera-ready form by April 2,