availability of semantics book

Date: Thu, 3 Oct 91 15:27:13 EDT

I've been able to track down why my "Semantics of Programming Languages",
published in Britain in July, is not yet available in North America.
It seems that a shipment intended for the U.S. went to Canada in error.
Now it will take weeks to sort out because the customs papers
are not in order.  I can't even get copies for my students here in 

However, I can arrange for single copies to be sent out to instructors
who intend to use the book as a text next term and can't wait for 
about a month.  Send me your name and address. 
Another possibility is to order from a British bookshop, 
such as Blackwells on Broad St. in Oxford, and have it sent by air.  
In Britain, it is available as a paperback (ISBN 0-13-805599-8).

Bob Tennent