CTCS'97 - Call for Participation

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    CONFERENCE URL: "http://www.disi.unige.it/conferences/ctcs97/"


CTCS'97 is the 7th conference on Category Theory and Computer Science.
 The purpose of the conference series is the advancement of the
 foundations of computing using the tools of category theory, algebra,
 geometry and logic. While the emphasis is upon applications of
 category theory, it is recognized that the area is highly
 interdisciplinary.  The proceedings will be published by Springer in
 the LNCS series.  The conference is sponsored by GNIM (Gruppo
 Nazionale Informatica Matematica) of CNR and Universita' di Genova.

 The conference will take place at Hotel Regina Elena, a 4 stars hotel
 with private beach, located in S. Margherita Ligure. S. Margherita is
 a beautiful sea resort in Liguria very close to Portofino promontory
 and about 30 km east of Genova.

- J. Baez, Univ. of California at Riverside (USA)
- R. Bird, Oxford Univ. (UK)
- B. Jay, Univ. of Technology Sydney (Australia)
- G. Plotkin, Univ. of Edinburgh (UK)

************************ IMPORTANT DEADLINES ************************
**** 15 JULY 1997 early registration				 ****
**** 31 JULY 1997 "guaranteed" hotel reservation		 ****

REGISTRATION.  See the CONFERENCE URL for details on how to register.

                     | before 15 July | after 15 July  |
        Regular rate | 260000 It.Lire | 400000 It.Lire |
        Student rate | 220000 It.Lire | 400000 It.Lire |

 The fee includes the welcome reception, coffee breaks, lunches, a
 copy of the proceedings.

HOTEL RESERVATION.  Hotel reservations are handled by DAVOR VIAGGI
 (see the CONFERENCE URL for details).  Participants will be hosted in
 3 and 4 stars hotels (among them the conference hotel).  All hotels
 are within walking distance from the conference hotel and have rooms
 with private bathrooms.  The price range of a room per day inclusive
 of breakfast and taxes are

            |      single room      |   double/twin room    |
    4 stars | 113000-138000 It.Lire | 178000-242000 It.Lire |
    3 stars |  75000-115000 It.Lire | 120000-155000 It.Lire |

 Requests are handled on a first-come-first-served basis, therefore it
 is advisable to send the hotel registration form well before the
 deadline.  After JULY 31 DAVOR VIAGGI will accept reservations, but
 can no longer guarantee that they can be satisfied. 

- Conference email: ctcs97@disi.unige.it
	       fax: +39 (10) 3536699
- Address: E. Moggi (CTCS'97),
	   DISI, v. Dodecaneso 35,
	   16146 Genova, Italy
- Organizers: E. Moggi, moggi@disi.unige.it, +39 (10) 353 6629
	      G. Rosolini, rosolini@disi.unige.it, +39 (10) 353 6630

 S. Abramsky (UK) P.-L. Curien (France), P. Dybjer (Sweden),
 P. Johnstone (UK), G. Longo (France), G. Mints (USA), J. Mitchell
 (USA), E. Moggi (Italy), A. Pitts (UK), A. Poigne (Germany),
 G. Rosolini (Italy), D. Rydeheard (UK), F-J. de Vries (Japan).

 Express'97 workshop, 8-12 Sep 1997, S. Margherita Ligure, Italy.



 Lungomare Milite Ignoto 44, 16038 S. Margherita Ligure, Italy
 phone: +39 (185) 287003, fax: +39 (185) 284473

WEDNESDAY, 3 September
 18.00 Welcome Reception and Registration

THURSDAY, 4 September
 09.00 Invited Talk: Richard Bird
 10.15 Coffee Break
 10.40 Proof Principles for Datatypes with Iterated Recursion
       by Ulrich Hensel, Bart Jacobs
 11.20 A Calculus for Collections and Aggregates
       by Kazem Lellahi, Val Tannen
 12.00 When do datatypes commute?
       by Paul Hoogendijk, Roland Backhouse
 12.40 Lunch
 14.45 Invited Talk: John Baez
 16.00 Coffee Break
 16.30 A factorisation theorem for external derivations
       by Paul-Andre Mellies
 17.10 Monads and Modular Term Rewriting
       by Christoph Lueth, Neil Ghani
 17.50 A 2-Categorical Presentation of Term Graph Rewriting
       by Andrea Corradini, Fabio Gadducci

FRIDAY, 5 September
 09.00 Invited Talk: Barry Jay
 10.15 Coffee Break
 10.40 Presheaf Models for the pi-Calculus
       by Gian Luca Cattani, Ian Stark, Glynn Winskel
 11.20 Categorical Modelling of Structural Operational Rules: case studies
       by Daniele Turi
 12.00 Specifying Interaction Categories
       by Dusko Pavlovic, Samson Abramsky
 12.40 Lunch
 14.45 Invited Talk: Gordon Plotkin
 16.00 Coffee Break
 16.30 Lifting
       by A. Bucalo, G. Rosolini
 17.10 General Synthetic Domain Theory -- A Logical Approach
       by Bernhard Reus, Thomas Streicher
 17.50 Discussion on CTCS
 20.00 Conference Dinner

SATURDAY, 6 September
 09.00 Shedding New Light in the World of Logical Systems
       by Uwe Wolter, Alfio Martini
 09.40 Combining and Representing Logical Systems
       by Till Mossakowski, Andrzej Tarlecki, Wieslaw Pawlowski
 10.20 Coffee Break
 10.50 A decision algorithm for linear isomorphism of types O(nlog^2n)
       by Alexander Andreev, Sergei Soloviev
 11.30 Effectiveness of the Global Modulus of Continuity on Metric Spaces
       by Klaus Weihrauch, Xizhong Zheng
 12.30 Lunch
       Free Afternoon