workshop in Durham - last info and programme

                        TYPES WORKING GROUP

                            WORKSHOP ON 

                    Durham (U.K.), August 30- September 01 1997

                          INFORMATION LETTER

Content: 1) Programme
         2) Conference fee and other practical aspects
         3) Venue
         4) Papers and extended abstracts

                        PROGRAMME OF THE WORKSHOP

        We plan that each talk will take 40 min. + 10 min. questions and 

                        Friday, 29-th 

.................       Arrival ..................      

                        Saturday, 30-th

9.30-9.50               Welcome

9.50- 10.40     Gustavo Betarte (Gothenburg University and Chalmers
                University of Technology). Dependent Record 
                Types, Subtyping and Proof Reutilisation

10.40-11.30     Eric Poll (University of Kent at Canterbury). Subtyping and 
                Inheritance for Inductive Types

11.30-12.00     Beverages

12.00-12.50     Sergei Soloviev (Durham University). Coherence and Subtyping.

13.00           Lunch

14.30-15.20     Randy Pollack (Aarhus University, BRICS). Theories in Type 

15.20-15.50     Tea and Coffee.

15.50-16.40     Anne Salvesen (Oslo, Institutt for Informatikk). Explicit
                Substitutions in Martin-Lof system and the "let-in" Semantics.

17.00- ...      Some Drinks and Informal Discussion

                        Sunday, 31-th

9.30-10.20      Adriana Compagnoni and Healfdene Goguen (Edinburgh, LFCS). 
                Typed Operational Semantics for Higher Order Subtyping.

10.20-11.10     Martin Steffen (Christian-Albrecht Universitat, Kiel)
                Polarised Higher Order Subtyping

11.10-11.40     Beverages

11.40-12.30     Gang Chen, Giuseppe Castagna (Ecole Normale Superieure, 
                Paris). Dependent Types with Subtyping and Lately-Binded
13.00           Lunch

14.30-15.20     Alan Hutchinson (King's College, London). How to Prove that

15.20-15.50     Tea and Coffee.

15.50-16.40     Judicael Courant (ENS, Lyon) . A Module Calculus for Pure 
                Type Systems with Specifications. 

17.00- ...      free time 

20.00           Conference Dinner (Downtown restaurant)

                        Monday, 1-st of September

The College asks for early check-out from the rooms (actually, after breakfast)

9.30- 10.20     Ewen Denney (LFCS, University of Edinburg). Refining Refinement

10.20-11.10     Alex Jones (Durham University). A Type-Checking Algorithm
                with Coercions.

11.10-12.40     Beverages and Discussion Session (discussion may be moved 
                to Sunday afternoon)

13.00           Lunch

                        End of the Workshop

                2.CONFERENCE FEE ETC

Taking into account the number of participants and the Grey College rate
for the conference rooms the CONFERENCE FEE HAS BEEN FINALISED AS
70 ENGLISH POUNDS per participant. 

This does include renting of the conference room and facilities,
conference dinner and costs related to
handling the conference (informal proceedings etc). We are sorry,
that we cannot accept credit cards for the registration fees.
We can accept only payment in cash and by check to an account in U.K. bank.

GREY COLLEGE does accept credit cards (accomodation payments).

Full 24 hours delegate rate: 46.95  pounds + VAT
        (for the delegates coming  friday afternoon, the 29-th,  and
        leaving  monday, the 01,  the full accomodation
        price is 142.25  pounds (VAT included), since there is no dinner 
        at Grey College on Sunday)

Day delegate rate: 10.25 pounds (9.25 pounds on Monday). It includes
lunch, and morning an afternoon beverages.

For the delegates staying at Grey College, the breakfast is served at
8.00-9.00. Dinner is served at 19.00.

                3. VENUE

The Conference will take place at Grey College, on South Road, not far
from Science Site and Computer Science Department.  If you need a
transport from the railway station to the Grey College, the taxi is
quite cheap (about 2.50 pounds). Otherwise it is about 20 minutes
walk. (We have sent maps to all of the participants. In case you have
not received it, or have other questions about travel, please do not
hesitate to let us know.)


We intend to include in conference home page papers and extended abstracts
related to the talks (and print them on request if necessary).  Please, if
possible, send us them NOW.  We shall collect these into the informal 
proceedings later.  

                5. MISC. INFO.

1) At Grey College, we have an overhead projector and whiteboards. If your 
talk requires special facilities, please let us know.  

2) The workshop home page: http://www.dur.ac.uk/~dcs3apj/cs-types/

3) Conference e-mail address: cs-types97@durham.ac.uk     

4) Fax:         (+44)(191)3742560

   Phone        (+44)(191)3743656 (Sergei Soloviev)
                             3657 (Zhaohui Luo)