MFPS Call for Papers

		Announcement and Call for Papers

		          MFPS XV

                  Fifteenth Conference on the
                  Mathematical Foundations of
                     Programming Semantics 

                       Tulane University
                      New Orleans, LA USA
                    April 28 - May 1, 1999

       Partially Supported by the US Office of Naval Research

The Fifteenth Conference on the Mathematical Foundations of
Programming Semantics will take place on the campus of Tulane
University in New Orleans, LA from April 28 to May 1, 1999.  The MFPS
conferences are devoted to those areas of mathematics, logic and
computer science which are related to the semantics of programming
languages.  The series particularly has stressed providing a forum
where both mathematicians and computer scientists can meet and
exchange ideas about problems of common interest. We also encourage
participation by researchers in neighboring areas, since we strive to
maintain breadth in the scope of the series.

The invited speakers for MFPS XV include:

      Martin Abadi (DEC Research Center)
      Matthew Hennessy (Sussex)
      Tom Henzinger (Cal Berkeley)
      Uday Reddy* (Illinois)
      Peter Selinger (Michigan)

*: To be confirmed

In addition to the invited talks, there will be two special
sessions. One will be on security, and is being organized by Martin
Abadi, Catherine Meadows (NRL) and Dennis Volpano (Naval Postgraduate
School). The second session will be on Object-Oriented
Programming. The remainder of the program will consist of papers
selected from submissions we receive in response to this Call for

The Organizing Committee for MFPS consists of Stephen Brookes (CMU),
Michael Main (Colorado), Austin Melton (Kent State University),
Michael Mislove (Tulane) and David Schmidt (Kansas State). The
Co-chairs for MFPS XV are Stephen Brookes and Michael Mislove.

The Program Committee Co-chairs for the meeting are Andre Scedrov
(Penn) and Achim Jung (Birmingham).  The Program Committee also

    Stephen Brookes (CMU)
    Adriana Compagnoni (Stevens Institute)
    Kathleen Fisher (AT&T)
    Paul Gastin (LIAFA)
    Andrew Gordon (Microsoft Research)
    Reinhold Heckmann (Saarbruecken)
    Catherine Meadows (NRL)
    Michael Mislove (Tulane)
    Peter O'Hearn (Queen Mary and Westfield)
    Catuscia Palamidessi (Penn State)
    Prakash Panangaden (McGill)
    Dusko Pavlovic (Kestrel)
    Andrew Pitts (Cambridge)
    A. W. Roscoe (Oxford)
    Giuseppe Rosolini (Genoa)
    Jan Rutten (CWI)
    Eugene Stark (Stony Brook)

Submissions must be extended abstracts of 12 pages or less.  They
should be in the form of a PostScript file that can print on any
PostScript printer. In particular, submissions should use the US
letter size format, as opposed to the European A4 size.

Submissions either can be sent by email to mfps@math.tulane.edu or
they can be deposited by anonymous ftp in the directory pub/incoming
on the machine  In the latter case, a message also
should be sent to mfps@math.tulane.edu advising us of the

         The Deadline for Submissions is November 3, 1998.

Information about decisions will be available shortly after January 1,
1999, at which time a list of accepted papers will be posted.

As with MFPS XI and MFPS XIII, the Proceedings of the conference will
be published as a volume of the Electronic Notes in Theoretical
Computer Science. For information about this series, access the URL

General inquiries about MFPS XV can be addressed to

In addition to supporting the conference overall, the support provided
by the Office of Naval Research makes funds available to help offset
expenses of graduate students.  Women and minorities also are
encouraged to inquire about possible support to attend the meeting.

               Registration Information

Detailed information about registration and accommodations will be
available shortly after January 1, 1999. Participants should be
prepared to make travel arrangements for the meeting as soon as
information is available; the timing of the meeting will overlap the
New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, and it is anticipated
that securing travel into and out of New Orleans at this particular
time will be difficult if arrangements are not made as early as

                 More Information

Updates to the information about MFPS XV can be accessed at the home
page for the meeting, http://www.math.tulane.edu/mfps15.html.
Inquiries about the meeting can be addressed to mfps@math.tulane.edu.