DMTCS'99 and CATS'99 Call for Participation

Call for Participation:

  DMTCS'99, Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science

      CATS'99, Computing: The Australasian Theory Symposium

      University of Auckland and CDMTCS, Auckland, New Zealand

			18-21 January 1999


DMTCS'99 and CATS'99 will be part of the Australasian Computer Science Week
(ACSW'99) which is being held in the beautiful New Zealand city of Auckland
(City of Sails, Museums, Cafes, Restaurants, Polynesian and Maori Culture
and more).  See http://www.tcs.auckland.ac.nz/~acsw99 for more information.

[ Note that a Java Teaching Day was appended to the conference for Friday 
January 22nd, immediately after the ACSW'99 conferences. ]

For the DMTCS/CATS'99 satellite conference there will be five invited papers 
plus 19 contributed papers.

Invited Speakers:

   R. Downey (U. Victoria, NZ).
   Parametric Complexity After (almost) Ten Years: Review and Open Questions

   J. Goguen (UCSD, USA)
   Hidden Algebra for Software Engineering.

   J. Pach (Hungarian Academy of Sciences).
   Crossing Numbers of Graphs.

   A. Restivo and F. Mignosi (U. Palermo, Italy)
   On Negative Informations in Language Theory.

   G. Walsh (U. Ottawa, Canada).
   Efficiency vs. Security in the Implementation of Public-Key Cryptography.

Contributed Papers:

   N.H. Arai.
   No feasible monotone interpolation for cut-free Gentzen type
   propositional calculus with permutation inference.
   M.D. Atkinson and R. Beals.
   Permuting mechanisms and closed classes of permutations.
   J.A. Bergstra and A. Ponse.
   Process algebra.
   V. Brattka.
   A stability theorem for recursive analysis.
   A. Cherubini, S. Crespi-Reghizzi and P. San Pietro.
   Languages based on structural local testability.
   A.S. Elkjaer, M. Hoehle, H. Huettel and K.O. Nielsen.
   Towards automatic bisimilarity checking in the Spi calculus.
   M. Gobel.
   Three remarks on SAGBI bases for polynomial invariants of permutation groups.
   R. Greenlaw and R. Petreschi.
   Computing Prufer codes efficiently in parallel.
   M. Hamada, A. Middeldorp and T. Suzuki.
   Completeness results for a lazy conditional narrowing calculus.
   T. Hasunuma.
   The pagenumber of de Bruijn and Kautz digraphs.
   H. Hinrichsen, H. Eveking and G. Ritter.
   Formal synthesis for pipeline design.
   C.S. Iliopoulos and L. Mouchard.
   An O(n log n) algorithm for computing all maximal 
   quasiperiodicities in strings.
   T. Knapik and H. Calbrix.
   The graphs of finite monadic semi-thue systems have decidable 
   monadic second-order theory.
   L. Kristiansen.
   Low_n, high_n, and intermediate subrecursive degrees.
   K-W. Lih, K D.-F. Liu and X. Zhu.
   Star-extremal circulant graphs.
   L. Parida.
   On the approximability of physical map problems using single 
   molecule methods.
   A. Schonegge and D. Kempe.
   On the weakness of conditional equations in algebraic specification.
   N. Shibata, K. Okano, T. Higashino and K. Taniguchi.
   A decision algorithm for prenex normal form rational Presburger
   sentences by means of combinatorial geometry.
   S-C Sung and K. Tanaka.
   Lower bounds on negation-limited inverters.
Cost of Participation: 

The registration fee is NZ$500 (which includes the dinner, excursion
and proceedings), or NZ$150 for students (including only the proceedings).
ACS discount NZ$20 and early discount NZ$40 (excluding students).
[Note current exchange: $1 US = $2 NZ ]

For More Information:

See the home-page of the conference http://www.tcs.auckland.ac.nz/~acsw99/, 
or contact the local chair Bakh Khoussainov at bmk@cs.auckland.ac.nz.


Conference Committee:

    C.P. Bonnington 
    C.S. Calude (general chair)
    E. Calude
    R. Coles, 
    P.B. Gibbons
    U. Guenther
    B. Khoussainov (local chair)

ACSW'99 Contact Members:

    R.W. Doran (general chair) 
    P. Fenwick 

Programme Committee:

    R.J. Back, TUCS, Finland
    M. Conder, U. Auckland, NZ
    B. Cooper, U. Leeds, UK
    M.J. Dinneen, U. Auckland, NZ (chair)
    R. Goldblatt, Victoria U., NZ
    S. Goncharov, Novosibirsk U., Russia
    J. Harland, RMIT,  Australia
    R.E. Hiromoto, UTSA, USA
    H. Ishihara, JAIST, Japan
    M. Ito, Kyoto S.U., Japan
    M. Li, U. Waterloo, Canada
    X. Lin, UNSW, Australia
    R. Shore, Cornell U., USA
    T. Tokuyama, IBM, Japan
    D. Wolfram, ANU, Australia

Proceedings Editors: C.S. Calude and M.J. Dinneen


Important Dates:

Registration Date
(for authors): 		06 Nov. 1998
(for others):	        January 1999