CTCS '99 (Deadline 23 April 1999)

              10-12 SEPTEMBER 1999, EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND

                        SECOND CALL FOR PAPERS 

                   SUBMISSION DEADLINE: 23 APRIL 1999
                   CHANGED SUBMISSION PROCEDURE (see below)

CTCS '99 is the 8th conference on "Category Theory and Computer
Science."  The purpose of the conference series is the advancement of
the foundations of computing using the tools of category theory. While
the emphasis is upon applications of category theory, it is recognized
that the area is highly interdisciplinary.

Topics of interest
- - ------------------
include but are not limited to category-theoretic
aspects of the following:

  concurrent and distributed systems  
  constructive mathematics  
  declarative programming and term rewriting 
  domain theory and topology 
  linear logic 
  models of computation 
  program logics, data refinement, and specification 
  programming language semantics 
  type theory

Previous meetings have been held in Guildford (Surrey), Edinburgh,
Manchester, Paris, Amsterdam, Cambridge, and S. Margherita Ligure

Programme committee
- - -------------------

J. Adamek		   TU Braunschweig (Germany)  
N. Benton		   Microsoft Research, Cambridge (UK)  
R. Blute		   U. Ottawa (Canada)  
T. Coquand		   Chalmers (Sweden)  
M. Escardo		   LFCS Edinburgh (UK)  
M. Hasegawa		   Kyoto Univ. (Japan)  
M. Hofmann  (Chair)        LFCS Edinburgh (UK)   
P. O'Hearn		   Queen Mary West (UK)  
D. Pavlovic		   Kestrel Institute (California)  
H. Reichel		   TU Dresden (Germany)  
G. Rosolini		   U. Genova (Italy)  
A. Scedrov		   U. Penn (Pennsylvania)

Organising Committee
- - --------------------

S. Abramsky LFCS           Edinburgh (UK)  
P. Dybjer                  Chalmers U. (Sweden)  
E. Moggi                   U. Genova (Italy)  
A. Pitts                   U. Cambridge (UK) 

Submission procedure
- - --------------------

E-mail your contribution as a PostScript file to the programme chair
(ctcs99@dcs.ed.ac.uk) to be received by 23 April 1999. Alternatively,
you can send 5 hardcopies by air mail. Authors with restricted copying
facilities may also send a single hardcopy. Please make sure mail
submissions arrive before the deadline (we'll definitely take
submissions postmarked 7 April 1999 or earlier.). We would appreciate
an informal notification of intention to submit 2 weeks prior to the

Papers should allow the Programme Committee to assess the merits of
the work: in particular references and comparisons with related work
should be included. Submission of material already published or
submitted to other Conferences with Proceedings is not allowed. There
is no strict page limit; however authors are strongly encouraged to
try not to exceed 20 A4 pages.

Conference proceedings will appear in Electronic Notes in Theoretical
Computer Science (http://www.elsevier.com/locate/entcs).  Paper copies
of the proceedings will be available to participants at the

Important dates 
- - ---------------

 9 April 1999     Notification of intention to submit  
23 April 1999     Submission deadline  
 4 June  1999     Notification of authors of accepted papers  
30 July  1999     Deadline for final versions of accepted papers

Address for paper submissions 
- - -----------------------------

Martin Hofmann  
Laboratory for Foundations of Computer Science  
Division of Informatics  JCMB, King's Buildings  
Mayfield Road  Edinburgh EH9 3JZ  Scotland

Local organization 
- - ------------------

Monika Lekuse  
Laboratory for Foundations of Computer Science  
Division of Informatics JCMB, King's Buildings  
Mayfield Road  Edinburgh EH9 3JZ  Scotland

Conference e-address     ctcs99@dcs.ed.ac.uk 
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Conference homepage      http://www.dcs.ed.ac.uk/home/ctcs99
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Related event            2nd APPSEM workshop, 6-9 September 1999
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