Research positions

                       UNIVERSITY OF SUSSEX

Two Research Fellows are required for a 2-year project entitled ``The
Semantic Foundations of Mobile Computation'', under the direction of
Prof. M. Hennessy and funded by the EPSRC. At least one appointment
will require expertise in type theories for programming languages.

The project objectives include

- the development of abstract foundational calculi for mobile 
systems in which the concepts of location, mobility, failure 
and security play an central role

- the elaboration of behavioural equivalences for these calculi, 
and their associated  algebraic theories

- the construction of proof systems and methodologies for
establishing properties of mobile systems.

The project will start on 1/10/99 and salary will be related to the
academic 1A scale. A Ph.D. in Computer Science or Mathematics or
equivalent experience is required. In addition to normal research
duties the successful candidate will be expected to provide some 
assistance to undergraduate teaching.

To apply please submit applications to 

Matthew Hennessy
School of COGS
University of Sussex
Brighton BN1 9QH

Tel: +44 01273 678101                      
email: matthewh@cogs.sussex.ac.uk

from whom more details of the project and the conditions of service
are available.

Applications should include 
    - a detailed curriculum vitae, 
    - names of three referees with their email addresses, 
    - a statement  outlining the candidates proposed contribution
      to the goals of the project,
    - copies (or URL references) of any relevant publications.