Research Positions in Semantics

There are two research positions in computer science available at ETL
Semantics Group in Osaka, Japan.

One position, for a postdoctral fellow, starts in November 1999 and runs
until the end of March 2001.  We seek for an excellent researcher who
works in the field of refinement, semantics of reactive programs,
or program verification.  

Let me add some words about the connection of this announcement with
"types".  Our approach to refinement is to regard it as transformation
between ADT's (abstract data types) and from that point of view, we
use category theory to generalise logical relations so that they
compose.  An applicant to this one and a half year position would be
particularly welcomed if he/she would collaborate in that line of

Another short-term visiting position, which is not only for
postdoctroal fellows but open to any level, is also available for a
visit for one or two months anytime during term time from October until
the end of March 2000.

ETL (Electrotechnical Laboratory) is one of Japan's governmental
research institutes.  The current positions are supported by a COE
(Centre Of Excellence) project funded by STA (Science and Technology
Agency) under the theme "Global Information Processing Technology."
It is a big project with  an annual budget of 350,000,000 yen
(ca. 3,500,000 dollars,) but our small subgroup is working on
semantics of refinement and program verification.  For more info, see
our home page "http://www.etl.go.jp/etl/etlclu/~sem/" or send an
e-mail to Dr. Kinoshita.

An applicant should send his/her CV to the address below by Friday
10 September 1999; sending a postscript or PDF file via e-mail would
be preferred, but a paper copy would also do.  The applicant may
receive a request for one or two referee reports later on.

Contact address:

	Dr. Yoshiki Kinoshita
	Semantics Group
	Nakouji 3-11-46
	Amagasaki-shi, Hyogo
	e-mail: yoshiki@etl.go.jp
	fax: +81-6-6491-5028
	phone: +81-6-6494-7824