HTML at McGill Maths Dept

Some of you may have experienced difficulties getting to web pages on
triples lately.  There have been security problems at McGill of late,
and all "access" from the outside is being severely limited.  For the
time being (and perhaps permanently), all urls of the form
can be accessed using the form

In particular, the Category center page is now 

The "www.math.mcgill.ca/triples" format will probably become
permanent, but we hope to have the older "triples.math.mcgill.ca"
format operational again soon (so old bookmarks and links will
function again).  We shall see...

 - all the best, Robert 

We are trying to find a method that will make the above translation
automatically, without user intervention, and (here is the hard bit)
without any actual access to an http server on triples.  If you have
any technical comments on how to do this (or if it is indeed
impossible), let us know please.