research positions available

Stevens Institute of Technology, just across the Hudson river from 
New York City

A number of other research assistantships for PhD students, and
post-doc positions, are available in the department of computer
science.  The research interests of the group include mobile code and
security, software design and validation, program analysis and
verification, type systems, networks and wireless, computer vision and
data mining.

This announcement concerns the research of David Naumann:

A Research Assistant (PhD student) is sought for a collaborative
project between faculty at Stevens, the University of Illinois, and
the Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil.  The topic is behavioral
refinement of Java-like programs. We are developing two semantic
models of programs and their specifications, and using those models to
validate laws of refinement.  Some laws express design steps such as
re-structuring a class hierarchy.  Other laws are used to reduce
programs to a normal form corresponding to machine code, as a basis
for correct compilation.  (Position funded by NSF.)

A Research Assistant or post-doc is sought for a collaborative project
on applications of model-checking in program analysis for security and
other properties such as dynamic typing.  (Position funded by Stevens
and a corporate partner.)

Both positions are available now but need not be filled immediately.
Candidates are expected to have a background in computer science with
a strong interest in research.  Candidates are asked to send a vita
with references to naumann@cs.stevens-tech.edu.  PhD applicants should
visit the web pages for both the graduate school and the department
web page.


David A. Naumann
Department of Computer Science
Stevens Institute of Technology
Castle Point on Hudson
Hoboken, NJ 07030 USA