CTCS '99 Special Issue in TCS

			      Call for Papers

			     Special Issue of

	              Theoretical Computer Science (TCS)


                      Categories in Computer Science

               Editors: J. Adamek, M. Escardo, M. Hofmann

The eighth conference on Category Theory and Computer Science
(CTCS'99) has been held in Edinburgh 10-12 September 1999. 

A special issue of the journal Theoretical Computer Science (TCS) will
be devoted to journal versions of papers presented at that conference
and other papers on the same topic.

Submissions will undergo the usual refereeing process for TCS; authors
of submissions are not required to have participated at CTCS'99. 

>From the call for papers: "The purpose of the conference series is the
advancement of the foundations of computing using the tools of
category theory.  While the emphasis is upon applications of category
theory, it is recognized that the area is highly
interdisciplinary. Topics of interest include but are not limited to
category-theoretic aspects of the following:

concurrent and distributed systems, constructive mathematics,
declarative programming and term rewriting, domain theory and
topology, linear logic, models of computation, program logics, data
refinement, and specification, programming language semantics, type

See also http://www.dcs.ed.ac.uk/home/ctcs99 for the conference

Instructions to Authors

Authors are invited to submit full original research papers. Papers
should be submitted via email to ctcs99@dcs.ed.ac.uk as a postscript
file, or by mailing a hard copy to

Martin Hofmann         	
Laboratory for Foundations of Computer Science
JCM, Rm 2606
The King's Buildings 
Mayfield Rd
Edinburgh EH9 3JZ               

before 31st March, 2000.

Important Dates

Submission Deadline: 31st March, 2000.