EFF foundations school in deduction and theorem proving

	EEF Foundations school in Deduction and Theorem Proving

                   Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh
                           6-16 April 2000

Organized by computer science research centers:
       Heriot-Watt University Computing Science
       Cambridge University Computer Laboratory 
       UK Institute of Informatics (UKII) and the European Partners
       in the European Educational Forum (EEF).

Lecturers and Topics:
  	Stefano Berardi (Turin, IT): Mathematical Vernacular 
	N.G. de Bruijn (Eindhoven, NL): 
		The Automath Theorem Prover and Automating Mathematics 
       Robert Constable (Cornell, USA): 
		Types in Logic, Mathematics and Programming 
       Dirk van Dalen (Utrecht, NL): Intuitionistic Logic and Model Theory 
       Mariangola Dezani-Ciancaglini (Turin, IT): 
		Themes in Type Theory and Lambda Calculus 
       Gilles Dowek (INRIA, FR) The coq proof assistant 
       Dov Gabbay (King's College London, UK) and Nicola Olivetti (Turin, IT): 
		Elements of Algorithmic Proof 
       Claude Kirchner (LORIA, Nancy, FR): Deductions and ELAN 
       Larry Paulson (University of Cambridge, UK): 
		Isabelle and Designing a Theorem Prover 
       Colin Stirling (University of Edinburgh, UK): Modal and Temporal Logics 

Systems Practicals and Demonstrations:
There will be systems practicals and demonstrations on Coq and Isabelle. 

Submissions to Tutorial Sessions are solicited:
In addition to the lectures and systems demonstrations, we will be
running tutorials on aspects of deduction and theorem proving. We
solicit submissions for these tutorials. Those who wish to present a
particular topic at these tutorials, are invited to submit a two page
abstract explaining the contributions of the work and its relevance to
the school's audience. Submissions should be sent to Fairouz
Kamareddine (fairouz@cee.hw.ac.uk) no later than Wednesday 15
March. Authors will be notified of acceptance for presentation by
Monday 27 March.

Grants cover part or all of the registration fee and
accommodation. Grants are restricted to researchers of age 35 or
younger with nationality in the European Union or Norway, Israel,
Iceland or Liechtenstein. We strongly welcome applications from women
researchers, researchers who work in industry, and researchers whose
place of work is in a less-favoured region.  The form for application
for funding can be found at the above URL address. Deadline for
receipt of the form is Wednesday 15 March 1999. You will receive
notification of acceptance/rejection by Wednesday 22nd March.

The early registration fee is 250 UK pounds for full-time PhD students
and 350 for non-PhD students. Deadline of early registration is 25
March. Thereafter, the registration fee increases by 75 UK pounds. The
registration fee covers lunches, the banquet, and coffee/tea during

Accommodation in university halls of residence for students and in
university halls of residence/conference accommodation for
non-students is priced as follows:
 *PhD students pay 15 UK pounds per night for a single room (evidence of full
  time student status is required). No breakfast is included in this
  price, but breakfast can be reserved at 5 UK pounds extra per day.

 *Non-students pay 30 UK pounds per night for a single en suite room with
  breakfast or 25 UK pounds for a single en suite room without breakfast.

 *Luxurious accommodation which includes en-suite, telephone, TV, and
  restaurant breakfast is available in a limited number at 35 UK pounds 
  pounds per night.

To register, send name, affiliation, address, e-mail, dates of
arrival/departure and a cheque in UK pounds drawn on a UK bank to
cover the registration fee and the number of nights of accommodation
required. The cheque should be made payable to Heriot-Watt University
and labelled "School in Deduction and Theorem Proving".

Post applications for registration and grants to Professor Fairouz
Kamareddine, Attention School in Deduction and Theorem Proving,
Heriot-Watt University, Computing and Electrical Engineering,
Riccarton, Edinburgh EH14 4AS, Scotland. Fax: +44 131 451 3327.

Recall that the deadline for grants is 15 March and the deadline of
early registration is 25 March.

In order to guarantee accommodation, it is advisable that your
application is sent as soon as possible.

Questions should be sent to fairouz@cee.hw.ac.uk 

Fairouz Kamareddine and Alan Mycroft
URL: http://www.cee.hw.ac.uk/~fairouz/ukiischool.html