LICS Workshop on Chu Spaces and Applications 25th June 2000,

                    Final CALL FOR PAPERS

                    LICS'2000 Workshop on

               Chu Spaces: Theory and Applications

          Sunday, June 25, 2000, Santa Barbara, California


          ****Submission deadline: April,25, 2000****

A Chu space is a related pair of complementary objects.
Besides having intrinsic interest in their own right, Chu spaces
have found applications to concurrent processes, information flow,
linear logic, proof theory, and universal categories.  The workshop is
concerned with the theory and applications of Chu spaces, as well as
related structures such as the Dialectica construction and double glueing.

The workshop will bring together computer scientists, mathematicians,
logicians, philosophers, and other interested parties to discuss the
development of the subject with regard to its foundations, applications,
prospects, and directions for future work.  Work in the subject is
currently fragmented across several areas: category theory, traditional
model theory, concurrency, and the semantics of programming languages,
and such a workshop can contribute to the coordination and possibly even
some unification of these efforts.

Suggested topics for presentation and discussion include but are by no
means limited to new results about Chu spaces and related structures;
their applications to various areas such as concurrency, games, proof
theory, etc.; and their implications for foundations and philosophy of
computation, mathematics, physics, and other disciplines.

The workshop will be held on Sunday, June 25, 2000 at Santa Barbara,
California, as an adjunct to the International Conference on Logic in
Computer Science (LICS'2000), June 26-29 at the same location as per

Papers within the scope of the workshop are solicited, and may be either
work in progress or more mature work.  Submission should be in the form
of an extended abstract of at most 10 pages, in postscript format, mailed
electronically to paiva@parc.xerox.com.  Submissions will be evaluated
by a committee selected by the organizers, and the full version of
accepted papers will be printed in a proceedings available at the start
of the workshop.

Important dates:

    Extended abstract:          April 25, 2000
    Notification of acceptance: May 15, 2000
    Proceedings version:        June 9, 2000

The workshop will be one full day and is open to all interested

  Valeria de Paiva 		paiva@parc.xerox.com
  Vaughan Pratt 		pratt@cs.stanford.edu